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  Fosroc - Construction Solutions ( for all types of work)

Fosroc is a world leader in the delivery of tailored Constructive Solutions for virtually any type of construction project,
combining high quality products, expert technical support, customer service and innovation.Fosroc has become an international leader in providing Constructive Solutions for a variety of projects across a broad range of sectors including commercial, industrial, residential, marine and infrastructure.Some of the company’s most well known solutions are found in some of the most iconic structures around the globe.Fosroc’s technical strength lies in knowing what chemical technology works best with specific applications to solve the customer’s problem. We have a reputation for identifying and bringing together all the elements necessary to deliver a robust solution. When formulating products, Fosroc also focuses on the ease and simplicity of application in addition to performance. In a world where construction projects are judged based on completion time, cost and quality of workmanship, it’s essential to avoid costly or time consuming mistakes.Our focus is on our customer's application and construction solution - not producing a specific 'chemical' - allowing the flexibility to offer the best technology. All of our experience and resources are channelled into the pursuit of excellence in this area.Fosroc's central technology unit leverages the best expertise and technology in the business, building on the market knowledge of a wide network of technical specialists operating locally around the world.

Products and Usage
Cement & Concrete Technology

Cement Additives - Product: Cemax

  Liquid or powder products, which modify and improve the properties of cement.
Grinding aids for cement and raw material mills, Early strength enhancers, Specialty cement additives, Late strength enhancers, Strength enhancers, Strength and workability enhancers, Air-entrainers for Masonry cement.
  Admixtures - Products: Conplast, Cebex, Structure

Liquid or powder products which modify and improve the properties of fresh and hardened concrete or mortar.They are Plasticisers, Pumping aids, Superplasticisers, Retarders, Corrosion inhibitors, Specialty admixtures, Air-entrainers' Accelerators.

  Corrosion Inhibition - Product: Conplast CN

Corrosion-inhibiting admixtures used to provide corrosion inhibitor in readymix and precast reinforced concrete. Compatible with other admixtures No adverse effects on workability and strength of concrete.

  Surface Treatments - Products: Concure, Reebol, Preco

Concrete curing membranes and other products to enhance the concrete surface .Ease of formwork release. Producing exposed aggregate finishes. Enhanced curing of freshly placed concrete

  Grouts & Anchors - Products: Conbextra, Cebex, Lokfix

Cement and resin-based products to fill voids beneath (or between) load-bearing units. Resin-anchoring systems to install permanent and removable anchors and fixings. Highly efficient load transfer. Excellent chemical resistance. High strength high performance. Assured bonding of critical fixings


Waterproofing - Products: Proofex, Supercast, Nitoproof


Waterstops and membranes for prevention of ingress or loss of water through structures Pre-applied membranes. Spray/liquid applied membranes. Torch-on membranesDrainage membranes.

  Sealants - Products: Thioflex, Colpor, Nitoseal

Flexible materials enabling relative movement of components of a structure and preventing the ingress of water, wind or chemicals. One-part easy installation, long service life. Water industry suitable products. Long established two-part range for transport sector. MS Polymer façade range

  Gas Membranes - Product: Proofex

Membranes and ancillaries for prevention of passage of gases into structures .Loose-laid, easily jointed large roll membranes.Methane, Radon and CO2 resistant membranes.

  Fireproofing - Product: Flamex

Flexible intumescent sealants giving extra time for people to escape from a fire situation. Distinguished track record for stadium projects. 1 part and 2 part range covering all fire ratings

Repair & Remediation
  Concrete Repair Mortars - Products: Renderoc, Patchroc, Paveroc, Nitomortar, Nitobond

Cement and resin-based products for the reinstatement of defective concrete, Structural and non-structural repairs, Long and distinguished track record, Low, medium and high build solutions, Self compacting solutions, Rapid cure solutions, Design compatibility

  Crack Injection Resin - sProducts: Nitofil, Nitokit

Resin based products for bonding and sealing cracked concrete. Pre-packaged solution for ease of use. Suitable for static or open-ended cracks. High strength high performanceExcellent chemical resistance.

  Corrosion Control - Products: Galvashield, Ebonex, Norcure

Pioneering electrochemical methods for the repair and protection of steel-reinforced concrete offering a unique range of solutions.Total repair package - rehabilitation for an entire structure, where required, or for specific areas. Minimum disruption - silent, self-regulating systems that do not interrupt existing usage. Long-term solutions - corrosion is controlled to prevent future failure. Effective - independently tested and proven in use, structural integrity maintaine. Economic - versatile systems, simple to instal.

  Grouts - Products: Conbextra, Cebex, Lokfix

Cement and resin-based products to fill voids beneath (or between) load-bearing units. Resin-anchoring systems to install permanent and removable anchors and fixings. Highly efficient load transfer. Assured bonding of critical fixings. Excellent chemical resistance. High strength high performance.

Surface Coatings - Products: Dekguard, Nitocote, Nitoline

High performance protective, chemical resistant and decorative coatings for concrete, steel and other substrates.. High efficiency primers. Chemically resistant resins. High performance products. Excellent chemical resistance.

  Flooring - Products: Cemtop, Nitoflor, Polyurea

Coatings, toppings, and screeds to provide improved performance to new and existing concrete floors. Enhanced chemical resistance. Abrasion and impact resistance. Increased durability and strength. Clean-environment, trafficable finish.

  Adhesives - Products: Nitobond, Nitotile

Concrete bonding agents, tile and general-purpose adhesives for use with concrete structures. Improving the bond strength of fresh wet mortars. Permanent fixing of ceramic tiles and board materials.

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