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Bridgestone India Private Limited, a part of Bridgestone Corporation, Japan is one of the leading manufacturers of tyres in India. The abundant support of its customers coupled with consistent quality products has added to its success percentage.Sharing an equal 'Passion for Excellence' as our parent company, we, Bridgestone India Private Limited (BSID), are proud to be one of the leading tyre manufacturers in India. We began as a joint venture between Bridgestone Corporation of Japan (BSJ) and The Associated Cement Companies of India Ltd. (ACC), in 1996.Our first plant had been established at Kheda (Madhya Pradesh) with a paid up capital of Rs. 2753 million. With the latest technology from Bridgestone, Japan, the plant at Kheda, covering 265,500 sq. mts. and was officially inaugurated on 12th of November 1998.Continuing to be a part of the Japanese Multinational - Bridgestone Corporation of Japan - we have come a long way and have established ourselves as a leader in Radial tyres, producing around 2.7 million tyres per year. Our products include Passenger steel belted radial tyres and tubes and Light commercial vehicle steel belted radial tyres and tubes. Our Radial tyres are used for passenger cars in India and are supplied to almost all the major Original Equipment manufacturers.
Over a period of time we have established a distinct culture in the company with various HR principles and systems. With a strong work force of around 900 employees, we have continuously strived to contribute to the Indian Society and realize happiness by achieving our targets with mutual trust and understanding.

Dueler Tyres  
  The blocky pattern gives excellent road grip and traction which makes this tyre best usage for 4*4 usage. The pattern design features like 3d block make the tyre look very aggressive. the tyre is designed for high durability for 4*4 usage.
Potenza Tyres  
  The potenza giii sports-type ultra high performance tyre, is developed for wide range of performance automobiles from sporty cars to luxury sedans. Featuring the bridgestone's latest fundamental technology, the potenza giii offers superior handling performance on wet and dry roads as well as comfortable and quiet ride.
Turanza Tyres  
  The inner part of the pattern is designed in such a way that it channels out water effectively and provides excellent wet performance. The outside part of the pattern is designed to provide excellent drive and cornering performance. Construction features like 2 plies on tyre side wall and cap over steel belt provide high durability on indian roads.
Automobile Tyres  
Bias Tyres  
  Expertly engineered using innovative techniques and top quality raw materials, our bias tyres have capability to endure higher load and provide great road grip & traction. These tyres are incorporated with extra strong casing, premium depth & wider treads for remarkable traction and longer tread life. Bias tire (or cross ply) construction utilizes body ply cords that extend diagonally from bead to bead, usually at angles in the range of 30 to 40 degrees, with successive plies laid at opposing angles forming a crisscross pattern to which the tread is applied. The design allows the entire tire body to flex easily, providing the main advantage of this construction, a smooth ride on rough surfaces. This cushioning characteristic also causes the major disadvantages of a bias tire: increased rolling resistance and less control and traction at higher speeds
Donuts Tyres  
  The blocky pattern gives excellent road grip and traction which makes this tyre best usage for 4*4 usage. The pattern design features like 3D block make the tyre look very aggressive. The Tyre is designed for high durability for 4*4 usage.
Radial Tyres  
  A radial tire is a particular design of automotive tire. Radial tires have different characteristics of springiness from those of bias-ply tires, and a different degree of slip while steering. They ride differently. radial tires lay all of the cord plies at 90 degrees to the direction of travel (that is, across the tire from lip to lip). This design avoids having the plies rub against each other as the tire flexes, reducing the rolling friction of the tire. This allows vehicles with radial tires to achieve better fuel economy than vehicles with bias-ply tires. It also accounts for the slightly "low on air" (bulging) look that radial tire sidewalls have, especially when compared to bias-ply tires.
Steel Radial Tyres  
  The steel wire in radial car tires becomes magnetic so that when the tire rotates you get an alternating magnetic field. It is quite measurable with an EMF meter close to the wheel well when the car is moving and is a spectrum of harmonic strengths from 10 to several hundred Hertz.
Tubeless Tyres  
  Tubeless tyres are pneumatic tyres that do not require a separate butyl rubber inner tube.. Traditional designs of pneumatic tyres required a separate inner tube which could fail for a number of reasons, such as: incorrect tyre fitment, or friction between the tyre wall and inner tube generating excess heat causing a blowout. Tubeless tyre technology does away with the need for an inner tube thereby increasing safety.In a tubeless tyre, the tyre, which has an inner lining of impermeable halobutyl, and the rim of the wheel form an airtight seal, with the valve being directly mounted on the rim. If a tubeless tyre gets punctured, air escapes only through the hole, leading to a gentle deflation of the tyre. Conversely, an inner tube could potentially burst like a balloon, leading to a rapid deflation of the tyre which could result in sudden loss of control of the vehicle. A liquid tyre sealant can be added to tubeless tyres to prevent deflation. Additionally, it is easier to mend a tubeless tyre puncture using an easy-to-use puncture kit.. Nowadays, all cars are sold with tubeless tyres as standard fitment.
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